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Honey Harvest Festival

Have you ever wondered how honey goes from the beehive into the jar? Do you just love the taste of fresh, raw honey? Join local beekeepers and vendors at Masterson’s Honey Harvest Festival October 6th and 7th to enjoy all things honey!

The festival includes many live demonstrations, free seminars, family activities, and everyone’s favorite, the Honey Tasting Contest. Come out to chat with local beekeepers about beekeeping, and honey harvesting or watch demonstrations on how to render beeswax or make lip balm. Masterson’s will also be offering their popular Beekeeping 101 class for free during the festival.

Visitors will also have opportunities to learn how they can help bees right in their own backyards at information booths, gardening seminars, or gain inspiration with a stroll through Masterson’s nursery yard, which is a certified wildlife habitat.


Many local vendors will also be on hand with wonderful products to taste (mead, anyone?) and sample. Enjoy the wide variety of flavors that honey can develop, depending on where and when it is harvested or test out some handmade lip balms and skin creams. Visitors are sure to find a handmade treat to bring home while supporting local beekeepers!

Masterson’s Garden Center is located at 725 Olean Rd. in East Aurora, just south of historic Main Street. Visit Masterson’s website ( for more information and a schedule of events.