Join the fun!

There are events for the whole family to enjoy throughout the weekend. From beekeeping seminars to mead tastings, to kids activities and wax rendering, there is a lot to see.

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Local Vendors Wanted

Calling all Beekeepers

The Honey Harvest Festival was created to celebrate the honey bee. As part of the event, we invite local crafters, artists, bakers, mead-makers, chefs, join in the fun. If you create things with hive products (honey, beeswax, propolis, etc.) or have bee-themed products that you think would make the event more fun, please consider filling out our vendor application! 

Do your bees make the tastiest honey around? Enter your honey in our Honey Tasting Contest for a chance to win not just a prize, but also bragging rights! This is one of the most popular events at the festival each year, and we absolutely love seeing (and tasting!) the amazing array of colors and flavors that the bees can produce. Check out the contest rules and the entry form by clicking below.

Things to Do & See

Honey Harvesting Demonstrations

Join local beekeepers in harvesting honey! Watch as a frame of honey is pulled from the honey super and uncapped, revealing the delicious golden honey inside each cell. Try your hand at spinning the extractor, which will spin the honey out of the frames. You'll see the flow of honey move through the mesh filter into the bucket, and then go directly into the jar! This is truly "raw honey" at its finest!

Beeswax Rendering & Candle-Making

What do we do with all of that beeswax that is left over after harvesting the honey? Tons of cool stuff! Stop by the wax rendering booth and watch the process. Kids will even get to make their own candle to take home.

honey frame

Things to Taste

Mead and Honey Beer Brewers

One of the most popular parts of last year's event was the mead tasting area. We're looking forward to welcoming our local meadmakers and brewers back to the festival!

Honey Tasting

The best part of a honey festival is, of course, the honey! In addition to tasting the honey that is being extracted during the festival, you'll get to taste and vote on all of the entries in our Honey Taste Contest! We think you'll be surprised by the great variety in taste and color among the entries.

Things to Learn

Scheduled Classes

Schedule TBD - Please check back!

Interested in beekeeping? Wondering what you can do to help the bees in your own backyard? Want to learn about the amazing medicine that comes from a beehive? We will be offering a variety of classes throughout the festival. No need to register for these classes, just come on in and join us in the greenhouses at the end of the parking lot.