Helping the honeybees, one backyard at a time.

We're on a mission to help as many new beekeepers as possible. We all know bees are in trouble, so we have set out to provide both the supplies and education a new beekeeper needs in order to get started with their own bee saving mission.

Beekeeping Supplies

We stock a complete selection of beekeeping supplies with everything a new beekeeper will need to get started, including the honey bees themselves! We also carry honey bee feed, mite treatments and medications, and honey extracting and bottling equipment.

From hive components to smokers and suits, we've got you covered (literally).

Local Honey & Beeswax Products

One of the easiest ways anyone can help the bees is by supporting local beekeepers. We sell honey harvested from our own hives here in East Aurora, as well as honeys from other beekeepers around the world. 

We also carry some great healthy living products from the hive. Check out our handmade beeswax and honey soaps, ask about the healing properties of propolis, or pick up a tube of all natural beeswax lip balm. 

Honeybees for Sale

We sell honeybee colonies. Please check out our availability page for updated pricing and current availability.

Beekeeping Classes & Seminars

We love working with new beekeepers, and we know it can be difficult to find a mentor. We have designed our beekeeping seminars and hands-on classes specifically for beginning beekeepers. Check out our calendar of events for upcoming classes, and sign up for our mailing list to receive updates as we add more.


Apprenticeship Program

Now in its fourth season, our Apprenticeship Program is gaining in popularity. This three month long program allows selected apprentices the opportunity to "adopt" one of our hives in our apiary and experience the workings of a honey bee hive throughout six hands-on sessions. Alongside one of our experienced beekeepers, apprentices will learn proper inspection techniques, hive maintenance, varroa maintenance and treatment techniques, and many, many other things. The bees teach us something new each time we open up our hives!

First Session (April - July)

Second Session (August - October)

We will begin accepting applications in January 2020 for next season.

NEW FOR 2019

Junior Apprenticeship Program

We are really excited to offer this unique summer program for kids! Participants will learn all about bees, honey, and what it takes to become a beekeeper. We’ll even get to gear up and visit the hives together.

No experience is necessary, for kids ages 12 - 18.

Details for 2020 will be updated in January.


We're here to chat at the store any time, but occasionally you might need some extra help. We remember what it was like to be new beekeepers and how confusing it can be once you open up your own hives. Many people find it helpful to have an experienced set of eyes to help during a hive inspection or to consult on a more complex issue you're having. Schedule an appointment to have one of our beekeepers visit your apiary with you. Our available times are quite limited during the busy season, so please email us to set up an appointment.

$75 & up

Schedule of Events & Seminars