Plants and products we believe in. 

Trends in gardening have evolved over the years, but our commitment to offering our customers plants and gardening products we believe in has not. Our goal is to help you to become a successful gardener, whether you're creating a container garden on your back patio or planning your urban homestead, we are here to help.

Plants with a Purpose

Sure, the plants we carry are pretty to look at, but they've also been specially selected to serve a purpose. Many shrubs in our yard provide food or shelter to wildlife. Others are chosen for their pollen and nectar-rich blooms that provide nutrition for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Still others produce fruits or berries that are tasty additions to your landscape. Take a stroll through our nursery yard and see just how pretty plants with a purpose can be!


Annuals & Perennials

Beginning in late April, we fully stock our greenhouse with a gorgeous selection of flowering annuals. From old standards like geraniums and marigolds to new and interesting varieties of verbena, these seasonal beauties will add pops of color to your gardens and planters.

Our selection of perennials is specially curated to help you achieve success in your garden. Beginning this season, look for a newly arranged perennial area, with areas for shade-loving plants, plants that love sunny spots, ground covers, vines, grasses, and succulents. We've also added special sections for Pollinator Plants, perennials chosen by our beekeepers for their nectar or pollen-rich blooms and season-long bloom times to help support honeybees and our native pollinators, too. Also, check out our ever-growing selection of native plants. We're adding more all the time!

Trees & Shrubs

If it's been a while since you last visited our nursery yard, you'll notice some pretty big changes. No longer will you find rows and rows of traditional landscape plants in our yard, but carefully selected plants that fit into two major categories: plants that provide us with food and plants that provide food, shelter and habitat to wildlife. You'll find more native selections.

The reasons for this shift are two-fold. First, we simply cannot compete with big box stores when it comes to pricing on standard landscape trees and shrubs. Secondly, and more importantly, we want to sell plants we believe in. We think it's important to interact with our landscape rather than just choosing plants that are pretty to look at. We want plants that grow food we can eat. We're beekeepers, so we're very tuned in to the plight of pollinators and we want to help. Planting native species of plants is one of the single best ways we've found to support not just pollinators, but all native wildlife. It's a learning process for us, for sure, and we hope you'll learn along with us.

Focus on Native Plant Selections

We like native plants. They want to live here. Because native selections are uniquely suited to our climate, they require much less intervention on our part to keep them healthy. Healthier plants require less pesticide use to keep problem insects under control. Healthy plants require less fungicide because they just don't suffer from as many fungal diseases. They require less fertilizer because they are adapted to grow in our soil just as it is. For all of these reasons, we definitely think less is more. Less bad stuff going into the soil, less work to keep plants healthy, and more time to enjoy the beautiful backyard wildlife habitat you've created!

Backyard Farming

What's a backyard farm without chickens? We  have live baby chicks available for order and pick-up in spring, as well as all of the feed and gear you will need to keep your flock healthy. We're proud to stock a new line of organic chicken feed from Coyote Creek Farms.

Check out our CHICK PAGE here!

Soils & Mulches

Bagged Soils & Soil Amendments
Organic potting soils and compost are perfect for growing your own fruits and veggies, whether in a container or in a garden bed. We are proud to offer the Bumper Crop brand of organic products, along with great soils and compost from Garden Magic.

Bagged Mulches
Our high-quality bagged mulches are a beautiful and beneficial addition to your landscape, available in many colors and types to suit and style.

Bulk Products
organic compost from our local partner, EcoVerde Organics
Hardwood mulch, black dyed mulch, pine bark mulch
crushed #1 gravel, round #2 gravel, crusher run, gabion stone
multi-purpose sand

Available by the bushel or cubic yard, please call for pricing and availability. Delivery is available.