Keeping backyard chickens can be a fun and rewarding adventure for the whole family!

Years ago, most families had a small flock of chickens in their yards that would provide them with a daily supply of fresh eggs. While that practice because less common over the years, we are now seeing renewed interest in backyard chicken keeping, and we think it's awesome!

We want to help you get your backyard flock started! We've selected a few varieties that are cold-hardy (an important thing to consider in our area), lay a variety of colored eggs, and tend to be less broody than others. 


We are no longer taking pre-orders for chicks, but we still have some in stock at the store! Call or stop in to check availability and get the babies you want!

2018 Chick Availability

*NOTE: NYS law requires chicks to be sold in quantities of 6 or more. We CANNOT process orders for less than 6 chicks. You can, however, mix and match varieties to make up the total of  6 or more.