After you place your order

Watch your email for updated pick-up information

Because we are dealing with live honeybees, the weather plays a big role in timing of pick-up dates. All dates are estimated, based on the most accurate information we have from the suppliers we work with. Please watch your email for updates as we get closer to the pick-up date, or check back to this page for information.

Prepare for your new honeybee colonies

It can be a little scary the first time you bring bees home! We want to help you feel as prepared as possible.

Check out this Nuc Installation guide we’ve put together to help you get ready for pick-up day! We cover what you need to have in place before pick-up day, what you can expect on the day you come to get your bees, and what we recommend you do once you get them to their new home.


We offer a live nuc installation demonstration on the morning of pick-up. We’ll head back to the apiary (with our protective gear on!) and install a nuc into a hive together.