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We know that not everyone wants to be a beekeeper. If you encounter honeybees that would be better relocated to a new home, then please read on to determine what you see and who to call!

What's a swarm?

A swarm is generally identified by a cluster of bees similar to the one pictured here. Often found hanging in a tree, these are bees that have left their hive and are looking for a suitable new location. They are extremely docile at this time and generally move on within 24 - 72 hours. Beekeepers are often happy to come and collect these bees.

When is it NOT a swarm?

If you have an established colony living in a structure, please be sure to contact the folks who have listed "cut-outs" as a service they can provide. Honeybees that have begun to establish a hive are not as easy to move as a simple swarm. If the bees have been there for more than a few days or you can see honeycomb, they have already begun building and will require what beekeepers refer to as a "cut-out" to safely remove them. 

The cost for providing this service can vary greatly, depending on the size and scope of the job. Please connect with a beekeeper in your area to discuss what they are able to do and any cost associated with it.

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