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Beekeeping 102 - Extended Class

Beekeeping Class Day - Beekeeping 102

The information we’ll discuss in this class is designed for for new beekeepers who have either taken the first class in the series (Beekeeping 101 on 1/26) or beekeepers who have a basic knowledge but want to dig a little deeper. Topics will include:

Swarms and splits. We’ll talk about swarming behavior and why it happens, what to do about it, and how to prevent it. Techniques for splitting hives will also be covered.

Hive health. This is always a topic that requires lots of discussion, and we’ll spend plenty of time talking about the issues affecting bees, how to recognize them, and what can be done to maintain healthy honeybee colonies.

Honey harvesting. This is truly the sweet reward for keeping bees, and we’ll talk about methods for harvesting honey as well as some tips for knowing when and if you can harvest from your colonies.

Winterizing your hives. We know, by February no on wants to talk about next winter, but there are some important things to plan for during the beekeeping season that will help you r hives be in a good, healthy place before winter inevitably sets in again.

Instruction will run from 9 am - 12 pm, with pizza, drinks and time to chat and socialize until 1 pm.

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