2019 Honey Contest Winners

Wow! We had an amazing Honey Harvest Festival!

There were 24 entries into this year’s contest, and there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. Dan and I personally tested each one as we poured them into the sample jars. We had a hard time picking a favorite, and when you see the results of the public voting, you’ll see that our taste-testers did too! We’ve never had ties before…nor have the first and last place entries been so close together. Congratulations to all who entered. It made the festival so much more fun!

Without further ado, here are the results from this year’s taste contest!

Saturday Winner:
TIE! Tara & Jeff Hahn and Jeannine Babcock

Sunday Winner:
TIE AGAIN! Tara & Jeff Hahn and Kelly Hopcia

Overall Winner (most votes throughout the weekend:
Tara & Jeff Hahn

Honorable Mention (second most votes throughout the weekend)
Ron VanOstrand


I know it’s hard to pick out your own honey, so here’s the list of sample numbers. Did you vote for your own?

1 Kollin King
2 Justin Driggs
3 Maria Weber
4 Kelly Hopcia
5/6 Dave Hoekstra
7 Laura LoTempio
8 Hardway Honey Farm
9 Tara Hahn
10 Walt Kershenski
11 Eric Lindbloom
12 Scott Taylor
13 Eleanor Murcko
14 Jim Tudini
15 Jeannine Babcock
16 Michael Borsuk
17 Joanne Cole
18 Trish Manning
19 Tony Turton
20 Ron VanOstrand
21 Kim Fornes
22 Mike Sedlarczuk
23 Shannon & Mike Rinow
24 Dave Bennett