Nucs are on the way!

We've heard the word that the bees are finally on the truck and making their way to us! We should be in good shape for a Saturday morning pick-up for those of you that ordered from our first run. (Second shipment should follow next week...stay tuned.)

Getting excited? Nervous? Check out our pick-up and installation guide for some advice on what to expect during pick-up and what you'll need to do once you get back home.

Remember, the pick-up window is from 6:30am to 8:00am only. We cannot hold the bees in the boxes later into the day or they will overheat. Please be prompt so you can get your new bees home safely.

We'll have an installation demo at 7:00am in our apiary for those who would like to see the procedure in person. Please arrive early and be sure to bring your protective clothing!

See you soon!