Honey Harvest Festival Contest Winners


Wow! What a weekend! We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to celebrate the Fifth Annual Honey Harvest Festival with us! The festival is bigger and better every year, and we had a great time meeting new people and chatting about bees all weekend.

honey jars.jpg

The Amazing Volunteers

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers who spent their time helping out with the event. Beekeepers are pretty great people, we've found, and we have an amazing network of folks in our area. 

Steve mastered the uncapping process with a smile.

Steve mastered the uncapping process with a smile.

Kim got a workout as she extracted honey with the hand-crank.

Kim got a workout as she extracted honey with the hand-crank.

Local Vendors

We are so grateful to the local vendors who joined us this year. Without them, the event wouldn't be nearly as much fun. This year awe had such a wonderful variety of folks here and we hope that you'll continue to support these local businesses.

hhf vendors.png

Honey Taste Contest

And finally...the results from everyone's favorite part of the event!

honey contest

and the winner is

Maria Weber of Orchard Park

Maria submitted sample #10, which received 21% of the votes cast throughout the weekend. 

Wondering about the other honeys? Here's the breakdown of where they came from and the percentage of votes each won.

  1. 14% - Orchard Park
  2. 13% - Angola
  3. 4% - Alden
  4. 7% - Hamburg
  5. 9% - West Valley
  6. 9% - Newfane
  7. 10% - Lockport
  8. 5% - West Seneca
  9. 7% - Holland
  10. 21% - Orchard Park

As you can see, every single honey in the contest had some fans, so what this means to us is that ALL honey is awesome. Thank you to all who participated by submitting samples and voting! We'll do it again next year...

Cell Count Guessing Game

In our kids area, we placed a single medium frame out with the instructions to guess how many honeycomb cells the bees could build on it. We had lots of guesses (some great, some not so close!) and the winner with the closest guess was:

Mika Walten

The actual cell count for that frame was 2,772, so Mika's guess of 2,750 was the closest! Congrats!