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Gardening Class - Black Thumb Gardening

Black Thumb Gardening

If you're envious of the beautiful succulent planters that you see in design magazines but can't keep them alive, then come on in and put together a "faux" planter. No judgement.

I found some awesome faux succulents at a show in Chicago last fall, and ordered a whole bunch of them because I like to use fake plants in displays both around the garden center and at my own home. I love my real plants, but let's face it...there are just some places where I'm not gonna get to watering them and real plants will die.

I also know many folks who claim to have a "black thumb." That's ok, we all have things we're good at and some things we're not so good at. If keeping pretty plants alive just isn't your thing, come on in and we'll design a lovely planter that will give you the high-end look of a custom succulent garden, with none of the stress of keeping it alive.

Class fee includes faux succulents, soil (ya know, so it LOOKS real), and decorative stone and moss to accessorize. You can purchase any one of our glass terrarium planters for 50% off on class day, so you can truly choose something that will look great with your decor.

Also, faux gardening is often more fun with friends and wine, so grab a friend and a bottle of wine and join us!

Seating is limited, so registration is required.