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Beekeeping Class - Hands-On Hive Inspection JUNE

2019Beekeeping Class - Hands-On Hive Inspection JUNE

You can read all the books, take all of the classes, and watch all of the YouTube videos, but there's nothing quite like spending some time checking out a beehive with someone who can explain exactly what you're looking at in real life. Join us and a small group of other new beekeepers as we inspect a hive in our apiary. We'll share our tips for good hive inspection etiquette, and talk about what it is we're looking for (and at!) when we open up our hives.

You will need to bring your own protective gear (suit, jacket, or veil), and we'll provide gloves if you want them.

This is a great way to gain a bit of experience if you are starting up your own new hives this season!

These classes are small, so please register early!