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Beekeeping Class Day


... we will be offering each of these classes again separately throughout the season. Please check back to see the schedule, beginning in March.

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Beekeeping Class Day
from 20.00

9:00 AM - Beekeeping 101

We'll cover the basics of bees, including basic hive anatomy, most frequently asked questions from new beekeepers, and things to consider before getting started with your first hives.

10:00 AM - Getting Your First Hive

What is the difference between a nuc and a package? What do you need to have ready when your bees come home? We'll get you ready fo install your nuc or package and hopefully calm some new beekeeper jitters.

11:00 AM - Hive Inspection

We know we're supposed to inspect our hives periodically, but how often do we need to do it and what the heck are we looking for anyway? Lots of pictures and tips we've learned over the years.


1:00 PM - Swarms, Splits & Requeening

It's important to understand why bees swarm and why and how to intervene before it happens. We'll talk about signs of swarming, how to split strong hives, and how to requeen a hive if necessary.

2:00 PM - Hive Health

Keeping your hives healthy requires regular inspections and a bit of preventative maintenance. We'll share the plan we've come up with and implemented here in our own apiary, as well as discuss some common hive diseases and difficulties.

3:00 PM - Honey Harvesting

Not just about honey, though that's a pretty great part of beekeeping! We'll discuss various methods of harvesting honey as well as wax, pollen and propolis. We'll end the seminar with a bit of honey tasting, too!

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