In the News

It's pretty neat when people want to write about what you do, particularly when it's something you are passionate about. Recently, our adventures in beekeeping have attracted some attention and we are happy to know that the word is getting out there: we can help the bees, one backyard at a time!


Buffalo Spree Magazine, "Bringing Up Beekeepers"

April 2017. Our good friend and local gardening guru Sally Cunningham came out to chat with us one day about our beekeeping program here at Masterson's. Because Sally has known our family for more years than any of us are willing to admit, this was a great, personal interview. Check out the great photos that accompanied the article. Pretty hard to believe they were taken in February!

buffalo rising.jpg

Buffalo Rising, "What is being done to save the bees and how can you help?"

April 2017. After the City of Buffalo's new Green Code went into effect this spring, many people had questions about the impact the new beekeeping regulations would have. We got to have a great chat with reporter Jessica Marinelli about urban beekeeping. She did a fantastic job writing the article, and we hope it inspires city dwellers not just to pay attention to bee health in the environment, but to consider keeping their own hives in the city.

channel 7.jpg

WKBK Channel 7, "The Bee Business is Buzzing in East Aurora"

You know what's cool? When Mike Randall from Channel 7 calls and asks if he can come out and talk with you! Not only is Mr. Randall a well-respected journalist and meteorologist, he's a really fun guy. Dan, Mike and Erin had a great time introducing him to the bees and chatting about the beekeeping business. Check out the story and video to find out which Masterson gets stung the most.


Garden Center Magazine, "The Buzz about Beekeeping"

This one is from an industry magazine that has taken notice of the "buzz" surrounding beekeeping. We were honored that they contacted us to provide some information for their story, aimed at helping other small garden centers add beekeeping supplies to their stores. It's thanks to our awesome customers that we've been able to be successful in our beekeeping adventure, and we're excited that the enthusiasm is spreading!