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The questions in this section help us to get to know you a little better. It's really important to us that we find good matches for this program.
So We're All on the Same Page...
We commit our time to this program because we really believe in helping people in our community to learn about beekeeping. You can count on us to show up for every session ready to work with you and the bees and to share everything we can about our beekeeping experience. In return, we expect all participants to commit to a few things, as well.
You have to show up.
If chosen, you will be assigned to a group that will be scheduled to meet every other week. We expect you to be there, on time, each week. The season moves fast and you miss a lot if you miss a week. If you can't make it for some reason, it will be your responsibility to secure a replacement from the group meeting the opposite week.
You plan to participate in our Honey Harvest Festival.
Honey Harvest Fest this year will be September 28 & 29. This is our most favorite and most popular event of the year. We need lots of help from our beekeeping community to put the event on. We ask for our apprentices to help our for a shift during that weekend, and so far everyone has had a great time! You'll harvest the honey from the hives you've worked with all spring and summer, and get to show off your new beekeeping knowledge.
That's it! By clicking submit below, you will have officially submitted your application for the SECOND SESSION of the program, beginning in mid-July 2019. We will be accepting applications through JULY 1, 2019, and will be in touch with you then regarding acceptance into the program. Thank you for your interest!