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This is your source for all sorts of pond info, direct from your local experts. From how to plan your new water feature to what to do about green water, you'll find answers here.


From keeping your lawn healthy to pruning your roses, we carry all of the supplies you need to keep your yard looking its very best throughout the year.


Join us in our newest adventure! We are now your local source for beekeeping supplies, equipment, and information. Visit our hives at the nursery and you just might catch the buzz, too.

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We love spending time with our plants, fish, and animals as much as you do. Check out our blog page to see what's happening around the nursery.

Latest From The Blog

  • Winterizing Your Beehives

    Fall is definitely in the air these last few days! While we are enjoying the last few days of warm sunshine, the bees are getting ready for the long winter ahead. While the bees are remarkably good at making their […]

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  • Celebrating Pollinator Week

    By now, most people have at least heard the word “pollinators” and understand that they are important. We happen to be pretty big pollinator fans here at Masterson’s, and we are excited to celebrate National Pollinator Week by sharing some […]

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  • Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program

    We are currently accepting applications for our 2016 Beekeeping Apprenticeship program!
    Check the program specifics here and let us know if you’d like to participate. This is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the bees before committing […]

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  • Some Spring Color for the Bees

    It’s time to start getting your bee hives ready for Spring!
    Now is the perfect time to gather and take inventory of your woodenware for the upcoming season. Hive bodies, bottom boards, tops, all should have a coat of paint on […]

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  • Planting a Bee Garden

    It’s still snowing and cold, but now is the perfect time to begin thinking about our spring gardens. It helps 🙂
    I continue to be surprised by the places I’m finding “bee-friendly” articles and advice. I read this article earlier today […]

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  • Holiday Shopping Help

    I don’t like going to the mall on a Tuesday morning in the middle of June, so there’s a 0% chance you’ll find me near one in December. Amazingly, I still manage to find perfect gifts for everyone on my […]

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  • november garden guide

    Winter weather is coming.
    November usually has its share of winter weather, though technically it’s not winter yet. Before the snow begins to stick, there are some tasks you should do in your yard and garden to get it winter-ready. You’ll […]

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  • A day in the bee yard 7/29/13

    Yesterday I inspected our two hives that we had started from packages in early May. One of these hives I have recently requeened with swarm cells that I found in one of our stronger hives. I decided to do this […]

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  • Beekeeping Workshop

    Saturday July 27th we held our Beekeeping work shop with Bob Zahm. With only 12 spots available, I want to say thank you to all those who were interested but not able to make it. Also a special thanks to […]

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  • A day in the bee yard..

    Over the past two weeks we’ve had our fingers crossed here at the nursery. Our two strongest hives had swarmed on us, leaving us with virgin queens. We decided to requeen our weakest hive with some of the leftover ripe […]

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