Beekeeping Class - Hive Building

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Beekeeping Class - Hive Building


Confused about what you actually need, and how to put it all together the right way? Let’s do it together!

We know it can be confusing to get everything set up and assembled correctly if you’ve never done it before. We will have all of the supplies you need to put together your first hive, from the wooden box pieces to the hammers and nails, and we’ll be there every step of the way to answer questions and make sure you are ready to go! This will be a really informal “class,” so there will be lots of opportunities to chat with other new beekeepers and ask us questions.

The class fee includes all of the materials you will need to assemble and take home the following:

  • solid bottom board

  • varroa screen board

  • deep hive body

  • wooden/wax foundation frames OR plastic frames

  • inner cover

  • galvanized outer cover

These components will come together to make a complete basic hive, which will be what you need on the day you bring your bees home. We’ll go over what each of these parts is used for and why we think it’s important.

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