The Program


Masterson's is excited to continue our Beekeeping Apprenticeship program for the 2019 season. We piloted the program in 2015 and have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with new beekeepers. We're looking forward to using what we learned in previous seasons to make this one even better.

Our goal is to help both new beekeepers and those thinking of becoming beekeepers to develop a deeper understanding of hive management. We believe that while classroom instruction is an important part of understanding the working of a hive, the hands on experience that our program can provide is essential.

The program will include an introduction to beekeeping, but will focus on time spent outdoors in our apiary. During the sessions, each participant will work in a small group with one of our experienced beekeepers and then have the responsibility of caring for several of our hives. Because participants will be inspecting the same hives each time, they will have the opportunity to see how the colony of honeybees changes over the course of the program. We'll be there every step of the way, and we think you'll be surprised how much you can learn during the three month session! In addition to proper hive inspection techniques, you'll learn how to deal with any issues that might arise such as swarm control, re-queening, varroa mite counts & treatment, making splits, combining weak hives, dealing with laying workers and much more.

We will commit our time to be with you during assigned inspection days, you must commit to being here on time the days that you are signed up for. We will provide protective clothing and gloves, though you are more than welcome to wear your own beekeeping suit. You will not be allowed to bring your gloves into our apiary as they can transmit diseases and parasites from other hives.

Participant requirements:

• Basic beekeeping knowledge
• 0-3 years experience keeping bees
• Must be available on assigned dates
• Must not be allergic to bee stings
• Must wear protective clothing at all times in the apiary

Session Dates & Times

Hive inspections will be every Thursday at 5:30 PM. Participants will be scheduled to visit the apiary once every two weeks and must commit to coming on their assigned days. If you cannot attend an inspection day, it is your responsibility to find an alternate.

Participation in the Apprenticeship Program will also include several in-class instruction sessions throughout the season.

Session One: April - July

Session Two: August - October

Program Cost: $175/participant

Applications for Session Two are closed.